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2020 Seymour Arts & Crafts Festival
Booth Registration Agreement

I would like to reserve booth space at the Seymour Arts & Crafts Festival to display, provide information, and sell items to the public. I understand that this event is for original items, except instances where prints of original items are available, produced directly by artists and crafts persons reserving the space. Food items crafted by the vendor are welcome. Absolutely no items that are being resold are permitted at this festival.

The festival will take place on April 18th, 2020 rain or shine. The location of the festival is the
Seymour Boys & Girls Club located at 212 N. Pinter Rd., Seymour, TN 37865.

Each person (Exhibitor) may reserve a booth space measuring approximately 10x10 feet or 6x6 feet. Exhibitors are responsible for securing their displayed items and for providing their own display tables, awnings, and other items deemed necessary for display of their items. No electricity or other amenities are being provided. The Sevier County Public Library System and the Friends of Seymour Library are not responsible for any damage or loss occurring during the event to personal property or persons. Exhibitors assume all of the risks of any and all activities associated with their participation in this event.

The registration fee is due with submission of this agreement and is non-refundable. Payments will be accepted electronically at SeymourLibraryFriends.org. Printed applications can be submitted at the Seymour Branch Library along with checks made out to FOSL in the appropriate amount. Exhibitors will be notified of the acceptance of their Booth Registration by email after review. The location of the reserved space will be indicated by number. A numbered map will be provided to the Exhibitor prior to the festival.

I have read and agree to the attached SCPLS Public Area Displays, Exhibits, Bulletin Boards, and Literature Policy which is a part of this agreement. Exhibitors understand that the festival is in a public area, and as such, agree to have images of themselves, their booths, and their display items taken. These images may be used by SCPLS Employees and the Friends of Seymour Library for documentation, advertisement, and promotion of this and future events.

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